CNC Lasers – Your Guide to Purchasing Your First Laser Cutter

If there is one tool that is coveted by many companies more than any other, it should be the laser cutters. Such high-precision machines may produce both beautiful and functional items. Their versatility enables anybody with access to one to go quickly into production with her or his designs.

Consider going to a local indie fair and you will surely find some laser-cut jewelry. Craft stores also stock laser-cut scrapbooking things. Even the big box stores aren’t immune to laser-cut item’s awesomeness, providing laser-cut window curtains, fixtures, holiday ornaments, and much more.

The laser cutter’s power comes from its ability in cutting through different materials with high precision. The drag-knife cutters cannot penetrate thick and hard materials while CNC wood engraving lasers can slice through such materials like butter. CNC routers had a hard time making ultra-sharp details. The laser’s beam is very narrow that it may provide you that precise detail.

Building some structures using laser-cut parts become a known practice. The plugins to generate boxes automatically are available for famous vector graphics app, which makes it a snap to create cases for projects.

If you are searching for something that can widen your boundary, laser cutters have a world of possibilities. Purchasing laser cutters for the first time can be a challenging and daunting experience, particularly if you are budget-minded.

When it comes to CNC lasers, with great power often comes with a great expense, yet there are some entry-level options that’ll have you beaming.

Full Spectrum Laser

It began by importing the Chinese lasers, which turn them up and rebrand them for sales in the US. In an attempt for increasing reliability as well as ease of use, full spectrum laser decided to make their own laser cutter systems and released H-series. To lessen the cost, H-series skips adjustable bed rather than adjusting laser focus through moving the assembly of final lens.

Epilog Laser

Epilog was the gold standard if you are finding high quality yet user-friendly laser cutters. Its advantages are amazing. The print driver of Epilog makes the entire process of sending designs to machine painless and quick. Special air-cooled laser tube is made by Epilog to minimize the potential hazards and hassles of liquid-cooled competitors. Nevertheless, the convenience does not come cheap though.

Chinese Imports

The laser cutters that are imported are very popular and they are almost a brand of their own. If you are on a budget and searching for the best bang for your buck, these are good options. You could find machines at cheap prices. However, it is important to take note that the price may depend on the upgrades and mods you have to make and the overall condition of the machine. You have to be ready to swap out submersible pumps that are intended for going in buckets for radiant chillers and for upgrading ventilation system. Typically, the bundled software provides a poor experience, yet that is something you may learn to operate.